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Being a simple person, not a theologian, I have a desire to tell in a simple way about what is written in Revelation. Does he know a lot of things there, so everything is in your head and you can’t keep it right away. In order not to load I will tell in my own words, and if you want, you can read about it in Revelation.
There is a beast in Revelation in which one of the heads is, as it were, mortally wounded. Some say it's the USA, some say it's about the Pope or the Papacy in general. But the United States of all was the United States, and the Pope was the Pope all the time, and the Papacy was the Papacy. But the USSR (hereinafter referred to as the scoop) was wounded in the head, so they were in power a little, and after that it was even worse. Yeltsin said...take as much sovereignty as you can bear. Fatal head wound. How about the rest of the head ask. More recently, even in Ukraine, there was enough cotton wool in the head of the soviet with its thinking, mentality. The first beast gives strength to the second in which one can easily recognize the Russian Federation. It is important to mention that there is a dragon or the devil, or that satanic inhuman system that Russia has been for a long time. The scoop was engaged in the division of territories. Acting according to the precepts of the devil "divide and rule." In 1946, the soviet sent troops with tanks to the north of Iran and created the Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan and the Kurdish People's Republic there. We can recall the division of Berlin, the division of Korea into North and South. When the US entered Vietnam, there was a war going on for more than 25 years already. Who fought with whom if there were communists and there was no USA for 25 years. Recall communist China, in the creation of which the Soviet Union actively took part, and then also presented nuclear weapons. I hope you do not think that nuclear weapons appeared in Cuba by itself. The second beast that inherited from the scoop is the Russian Federation. The saints said in every house in the corner there will be a box and the Antichrist will be shown in it. The other day we all saw him, Putin reviving the scoop 2.0 And this is the wound healed by the first beast. The Russian Federation also acts according to the covenant of the devil and divides and rules. Abkhazia in Georgia, Transnistria in Moldova, Ingushetia, Chechnya, Tajikistan, Crimea, ORDLO in Ukraine, Syria. All this is described for us in the 13th chapter of Revelation.
Where is Ukraine, let's go back to chapter 12. Tie from 1 to 6 lines. A certain nation gives birth, as it is more convenient for you, closer in perception, the Logos, the Angel, the common spirit of nations, on the Maidan, we are all Adam. And as a single civilization, Adam is moving away from the Tower of Babel towards friendship and unity without the peoples losing their identity, their language of identity. Here, by the way, is a hint why the harlot is Babylonian. A child to God, and Ukraine itself to the desert. In which the Russian Federation squeezes the Crimea, attacks the Donbass.
During the Maidan, another event occurs, it is described from lines 7 to 9. The devil falls to the ground. You can say at that moment ... and the devil entered him.
Further, it’s more interesting that what happens after almost 8 years (7 with a tail) is what you see now, the Russian Federation attacked Ukraine in a full-scale war and this is reflected in lines 13 to 17. There is another interesting hint, in the second attack of the Russian Federation ... and two wings of an eagle were given to her.
Well, what evidence that Putin is the very Antichrist. If the Antichrist is, therefore, the enemy of God, it is clear that there is a division into sheep and goats. This means that in his opposition, Putin will violate the commandments. Let's see: The first commandment, you will have no other gods besides God. They say Russians have more photos of Putin at home than icons. Monuments in the image of Nero are erected to this Antichrist throughout the Russian Federation, one can immediately recall about 666. Do not create an idol, only Putin is called on TV by his last name, first name, patronymic, the rest by position or at most by their last name, and then rarely. Here are two commandments for you. Do not wish for someone else's, part of the Russian Federation "mourned" for many years that Crimea was not theirs, then even a fighter with the regime rejoiced that Crimea was theirs. Or don't steal, these devils occupiers "liberators" pull everything they can, people laugh at them as they drag toilets into armored personnel carriers. They stole Crimea. Do not bear false witness, you cannot call a war a war, I am silent about Bandera, not shooting at civilians, not calling conscripts, etc. The empire of lies is simple. That's what's interesting, they've been saying hooray all these years! Ukraine default. Ukraine Nazis! Ukraine is not a state. Now the same thing is happening to them, but not in words, but in deeds. It seems that the Russian Federation looks into a kind of crooked mirror and from that itself becomes the kingdom of crooked mirrors. Again, it is said that the Antichrist will make it impossible to sell, buy. But it was not the United States that did this, but Putin, by his actions, created a situation as a result of which the United States had to impose sanctions. So who did this???
Why the citizens of the Russian Federation are not capable of sympathy and how it is connected with the seal of the Antichrist. Compassion requires will. The Holy Spirit does not just ... go where he wants, but because he has the will to do so. Without will there can be no spirit in the people. For centuries, the Russians were serfs, and even when serfdom was abolished, they still remained serfs. You are free, but the land belongs to the master, and still goes to work for the master. The chain was released a little, and the toe was pushed back. Do you think the scoop delivered them from slavery, no, the peasants worked for workdays, forbid them to think, read, speak. In 80, a bright future was replaced by the Olympics. In the 21st century, serfdom was replaced by patriotism. It is patriotism that now leads them to the mark of the beast. Here is the letter Z. why on the right hand or forehead. The answer is simple, the right hand is an action, an intention, an act of patriotism, On the forehead because it is invested in the mind. Everyone who wears this sign, worships Putin, will be deleted from the book of life, no matter if this sign is on a T-shirt or on the armor of a tank, they go along with the Antichrist and his prophet, Gundyaev, blessing the killing of Ukrainians, into the fiery hyena.
17/04/2022 12:04
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