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What to Look Out for in a Quality Pet Pen?

You are a responsible pet owner, which is why you might be interested in finding out all the ways by which you can protect your pet. Our dogs are ideal companions who can turn the saddest days into moments of joy and be with us in the most important moments of our lives. But, if we are not careful, they can get into unforeseen situations with the potential to affect their long-term health and future emotional development.

To prevent potential unpleasantness, a good proportion of dog owners in Australia prefer to use a pet pen or dog crates when they need to travel with their fluffy companions. But what are the advantages of these accessories, and what are the elements you should pay attention to before buying them? The following article will try to answer these questions and more.

What are the Advantages of a Pet Pen?

First, we should establish what such an accessory consists of. A pet pen is, in a nutshell, a set of panels connected together for your dog's safe containment in a particular area. Why would you want a dog pen? Because your home most likely wasn't designed with a dog in mind, and because of this, there may be a few elements that may prove unsafe for your pet.

A pet pen can provide a safe space where your ever-growing puppy can play, eat and rest without the risk of damaging your furniture or injuring himself. Wall sockets, electrical wires, or dangerous chemicals can all be at your puppy's mercy when allowed to roam freely in your home. And it only takes a moment's inattention for your companion to gnaw something he shouldn't and cause irreparable to your house or his health. A dog pen can minimize these risks and be an ideal tool for the potty training process of your puppy.

Great for Behavioral Training

A dog pen is not only ideal for puppies but also for dogs with behavioral problems or for older animals who no longer have the energy to interact with other pets in your home. If your dog has reached the age where he has eyesight problems or arthritis, a pen can be a safe space for him in which he can feel loved and secure. If you adopt a dog and he has some behavioral issues, especially regarding food aggression, then by using a pen, you can ensure that during feeding, there will be no accidents between your canine and other animals in the household.

Last but not least, a pet pen is ideal for situations where you need to travel away from your pet. A few hours may be enough for him to cause some severe damage, especially if he suffers from separation anxiety, so a good idea is to use a pen in which he can wait for your arrival. In this case, you will need to ensure that the available space is large enough for him to move around freely but also limited enough that he cannot cause havoc on your home. A quality dog pen must be foldable so that it can be taken with you on trips and strong enough not to be easily damaged by your energetic dog.

What About Dog Crates?

Dog crates are, in turn, a must-have accessory whenever you want to travel internationally with your pet. Why? Because for dogs over a specific size, airlines require their confinement for the duration of the flight in dog crates that meet the guidelines imposed by the International Air Transport Association. But what should you look out for when shopping for quality crates?

First and foremost, a quality dog crate must be easy to clean and sturdy enough to withstand any mishap. In this respect, you must keep an eye on the material the crate is made of. Most of them are made of poly-blends which can provide optimal protection in case of an accident while being light enough to be carried easily. The size of the dog crates that caught your eye is also an essential factor in the selection process. They should be large enough so your dog has enough room to turn around at will but not so large that they cannot provide optimal protection in the event of an accident.

The last factor you will need to consider when choosing the next cage for your pet will have to do with its price. The average cost of a dog crate varies quite a bit and can start from as low as $25, while the high-end designs can sell for more than $500. What is essential is that the crate you buy ensures the comfort and well-being of your dog. You should always have a few of your dog's favorite toys and a snack or two placed inside to make the whole experience pass more quickly.

Do What’s Best for Your Dog

You will not always be able to stay by your furry companion's side, but it is essential that in the moments when you are away, he will be safe and comfortable. A dog cage can be the element that will prevent him from causing long-lasting damage to your house.  A dog pen can be the ideal solution to provide a safe space for your dog and keep him away from the dangers lurking around your household.

On the other hand, dog crates are the perfect accessory if you want to travel safely with your furry friend. If your dog is too big to sit with you on the plane seat, then a crate is the only solution to travel together. But all of these accessories, in the end, are just tools you can use to get closer to your pet, and these, in turn, can be used to train your pet to be more friendly and well-behaved around other people in your life. We may want to spend every moment with our dogs, but this is not always possible, and by using accessories such as pens or crates, you can ensure that your pet will be safe and secured from any potential external disturbances.

Publication: 28/12/2022 11:13

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