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Puppy Nutrition: Puppy Milk for a Healthy Pet

Until he gets to one year old, your puppy needs a lot of care because he will have to adapt through all growth stages, so he will need puppy milk to help him grow properly. Understanding his needs will help you learn everything you need to do to feed and care for him appropriately. Your puppy is now in the most crucial step of his life: he needs balanced nutrition to grow big and strong. Please give him a diet suited to his needs and help him develop harmoniously! Whether you order food dog online or from the vet store, buying food adapted to his age is essential.

Does it Matter What Puppy Milk You Buy?

Yes, it does! An important thing to remember is the difference between small and large breeds in the first few years. Depending on the type of dog, but also its gender and parents, growth will take place at a different rate, and other aspects need your attention. Proper nutrition will give your puppy a good start in life! It is essential to know his needs in different life periods and fulfill them: happy puppy, happy owner! So considering all these criteria, feel free to ask for recommendations regarding what type of puppy milk you need. 

Is it Recommended to Buy Food for a Dog Online?

Feeding your puppy with a breast milk substitute in the first four weeks of life is a process that requires special attention. The most recommended option is a milk substitute, such as milk powder designed for puppies. This type of milk is similar to breast milk and has a lactose level suitable for his sensitive digestive system. In addition, the milk substitute formula is adapted to protect the intestinal flora and ensure easy digestion. Milk powder is prepared with heated bottled water, following the product's dosage instructions that you can buy from products for your dog online.

What to Feed a Puppy in the First Months

In the first weeks of life, a mother's milk is the most recommended source of nutrition for the puppy. The caloric content and composition, which includes proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins, are ideal for the development of the body and the nervous system. However, there are situations in which the puppy cannot feed on the mother's milk. In these situations, following a mandatory veterinary consultation, you can start feeding the puppy with a bottle full of puppy milk. The use of cow's or goat's milk is not recommended because these types of milk do not meet the puppy's nutritional needs, and their composition is unsuitable for canine consumption.

Typically, the weaning period begins around 4-5 weeks of age, and the puppy can start eating solid food. However, most puppies cannot suddenly switch to dry food, and for this period, wet food is recommended, specially created for the weaning period. For easy weaning, you can buy or order wet pâté or foam food dog online that will be a perfect transition food. It has high palatability and does not create digestive problems, encouraging the transition to solid foods. Once the puppy gets used to the pâté or foam texture, it can also eat wet food with larger pieces, according to size.

Take Care of Your Dog's Needs

Dry food is usually tricky for newly weaned puppies to chew, mainly when used to puppy milk, but it can be moistened with warm water to make it an easy-to-swallow consistency. Grain-free dry food is suitable for the sensitive digestive system of the newly weaned puppy and can be used until the puppy reaches adulthood. Food cooked for humans is a complete no-go. It's hard to resist your puppy when he craves your food, but human food can be bad for puppies. Raw meat can only be offered to older dogs if it comes from safe sources and there is no risk of containing bacteria dangerous to their digestive system.

Typically, the puppy can start eating adult food at 12 months. Puppy food can be replaced with junior food, specially created for large puppies aged between 12 and 18 months. Adult dry food will have larger kibbles and content adapted to the needs of a fully grown dog. You can order food for a dog online with larger pieces that an adult dog can easily chew. Overfeeding your puppy can lead to being overweight, so giving it an optimal amount of food is essential.

How Much Does a Puppy Eat?

Infant puppies will eat most often: they need 6-8 meals a day. The amount of puppy milk you should give your puppy varies according to size; your vet can best tell you the required weight. Milk powder will also come with instructions related to quantity and preparation. Infants should not be fed more than recommended as they may suffer from digestive disorders. As the puppy grows, the number of meals decreases, and the portion size increases. Wet and dry food will also have feeding instructions written on the food packaging for a dog online ordered. Wet and dry food will also have feeding instructions written on the packaging.

Bottle-feeding a puppy between 1 and 4 weeks of age requires special equipment and strict hygiene. It is essential to disinfect both hands and the syringe or bottle with which you give puppy milk to your pet. Instruments can be disinfected by boiling. Milk should be prepared fresh daily, refrigerated until use, and warmed before feeding. The puppy should not be fed sitting on its back, but on its stomach, with its head slightly raised! For weanlings, wet or dry food will be placed in a particular puppy bowl, sized to fit the dog's waist.

What You Are Not Allowed to Feed the Puppy

When choosing food for a dog online, you must remember a golden rule: which should be the main ingredient? It is not quality if meat derivatives or corn are listed on the dog food packaging. When you feed him, the puppy should have a quiet, safe, noise-free place to provide without being stressed by too many external stimuli. It is recommended that the place where feeding occurs be the same each time. And remember, only give your puppy raw meals or food from your plate if he is grown enough and the vet tells you it is ok to do so.

Publication: 28/04/2023 10:46

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