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Stop Your Dog from Pulling on the Ezydog Harness

The Ezydog harness is an essential accessory for your dog. It is mandatory in many public places, regardless of the breed of the animal. Even if you walk your quadruped without attaching it, getting it used to the leash is necessary. Harness for dogs, as the pet pen, is an essential tool you must choose correctly. The first quality a dog leash should have is resistance, and the recommended product will not disappoint you in this regard. It will survive very well with the energetic temperament of your dog, even if its dimensions are negligible.

Dogs Are Used to Pull Their Ezydog Harness

Dog pulling on a leash is an undesirable behavior for any dog, especially if it is significant. Sometimes it's hilarious to see a person in the park walking by a dog who doesn't care to keep his balance and breathing behind the dog. But it's not funny to be in such a position. The master is responsible for pulling the Ezydog harness, not the dog. It is the owner who can intervene and correct this damaging behavior. Drawing on a leash is a problem of behavior and complex education, which involves: affirmation as a leader, good training from the youngest age, consistency in training, and perseverance.

Having a Pet Pen Helps Train Your Dog

Encourage your dog to follow you and give you attention when you ask. This exercise starts from a young age, and having a pet pen to use when the puppy instinctively wants to follow in your footsteps, is quite helpful. Every time your dog follows you or returns when you call offer a delicious reward. Praise is also well received. Please communicate with the dog as much as possible, talk to it, and strengthen your bond. When he looks at you during the walk, pet him and offer him something good to eat.

Assert Yourself as a Leader

When it comes to walking, assuming the role of leader is simple but with a lot of conviction and consistency. When the dog pulls on the Ezydog harness, stop. When he wants to go to the left, he changes the direction of walking to the right and vice versa. Show them that you are the one who decides the next step. Only solve a little if you tear the leash. The dog will be even more determined to pull. And if it is a big dog, it will have more strength than you. Remember, at any moment, you must be the one who makes the decisions!

Leaving the House

Many believe that the walk begins when the dog is on the sidewalk. But the problems, if any, start when you leave the house. Most dogs get excited when they see the leash. The dogs should be disciplined to receive the reward after the walk. Give him the sit command and attach the leash. If he is agitated, put the leash aside and leave the walk for later when he is calmer. Let him stay in his pet pen and start towards the door only if the animal is relaxed. Do not let him get ahead of himself or become agitated when going out.

Taking him for a walk rewards him for inappropriate behavior, even if he wears an Ezydog harness. Before leaving the house, give the command "sit" or "stay," open the door, and leave by issuing the order "go." If everything goes according to plan, reward. Keep the dog attentive and alert throughout the walk. Sometimes you give the dog one of these commands when you want to relax or look at a shop window - praise and reward when it is performed. Surprisingly or not, a dog that executes some commands already learned during the walk is more relaxed and self-confident.

Submissive, but with Rights

According to recent studies, over a third of households have one or more dogs. When buying a dog, you must consider everything you need to offer it besides love and care. You need to provide him with a pet pen because he has to own a place to play, and you need to train him to behave when you take him out. It is not ok only to put on his Ezydog harness and go outside. People are already afraid of dogs, so your dog's behavior needs to show people that you have a pet that represents no harm to the people around you.

You are the one who decides everything the dog does, but he also needs some freedom, besides the moments when he plays in his pet pen. The walk must be a pleasant moment during which the animal can sniff and get to know everything surrounding it. That's why don't deny him the pleasure of smelling a tree or a patch of grass when he wants. That does not mean that he is allowed to pull the leash. Call him to his feet if you notice that his attention is caught by something in particular, and he pulls strongly in that direction.

Can You Use Other than Harnesses?

In extreme cases, collars can be used, especially for large dogs. It is not recommended the use by the uninitiated as they can cause severe injuries to the dog. When the dog moves forward, the collar tightens around the neck. If the shock is large, the trachea can fracture. Seek the advice of a specialist before using collars. Look for the source of the problem; pulling on the leash is most often caused by the master or a deficiency in training. That is why it is recommended to use an Ezydog harness on your pet for him to be safe.

You better wait if your dog is still not ready to use the harness. Try to get your pet to use it while it plays in its pet pen. With a lot of patience, you can be sure that your dog will accept the harness sooner than later. Just like when you have a toddler, and you want to teach him all sorts of things and arm yourself with all the patience you have, you must do the same when you get a dog. That is why getting a puppy is recommended so that you can train it as efficiently as possible.

Publication: 08/05/2023 13:44

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