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What Is Polygamy, and Why Do People Practice it?

The evolution of societies has, over time, brought changes in the paradigm of consensual relationships. Two views of relationships are known and practised worldwide: monogamous or polygamous. Monogamy no longer needs any definition because everyone knows it represents a family formed by two persons. At opposite standards, there is polygamy. What is polygamy, and what type of lifestyle is it? What kind of people enjoy such a marriage, and what could determine a woman to become a sister's wife? These are questions that many people would want to hear some answers to.

Why Would You Become a Sister's Wife?

Over time, the mindset of marriages changed, and the divorce rate began to rise. Divorce is the consequence of specific unmet needs in the relationship. Issues like lack of communication or cheating are just two of the reasons that can lead to divorce. The relationship and marriage between two partners are known globally as monogamy, and people that choose this lifestyle will never understand why a woman would like to become a sister's wife. To get to that point, you need to communicate with your partner at a high level.

What Is Polygamy?

In the past, marriages were so different from today when you marry that one person you madly fall in love with. Before, marriage was a solution to social or economic problems, and divorce was non-existent for the upper and lower social classes. You could barely hear someone talking about it. Questions like what is polygamy you wouldn't hear in those times because the idea of polygamy did not even exist. In some countries, it is prohibited even when people are very open-minded.

What is polygamy, after all? Polygamy is the possibility of a person marrying one or more partners. That form of family organization arose in the slavery times when a man was allowed to have more than one wife. This practice was mainly used to have more heirs; it had nothing to do with love. Considering the historical data on marriages, another factor is essential. It will be beneficial to decide together to exploit difficulties as a bonding element, not as one that erodes your bond.

What Makes People Happy?

One of the questions related to polygamy that many women try to find an answer to every day is why become a sister's wife if that means that you have to share your husband. As simple as it seems to put everyone in the same situation, from a physiological point of view, things are more complicated than that, depending primarily on the personality of the one who decides to make such a move. To that question, psychology can offer several answers, among which the most common ones are that they prefer diversity to monogamy, primarily when it installs the monotony in the couple.

Today, the fact that partners of both sexes have several relationships before marriage can represent another answer to the question of "what is polygamy". However, nothing is ever as simple as it seems, and knowing each person is unique can mean many answers to the same question. That's why the idea of having many wives remains quite complicated. Many men choose this type of life because, on some level, they know that this way, they will never get to that point where they will have to cheat. Having more than one wife also means diversity, so how could you get bored?

The Most Common Reasons for Polygamy:

  • The fact that men like diversity more than women;
  • When a woman enters a relationship whose expectations are low, deciding to become a sister wife may be her way of dealing with the situation;
  • Disappointment with the evolution of a marriage and even boredom are among the main reasons why married men want diversity;
  • Difficulties in adapting to the requirements and expectations of the partner;
  • The routine in a relationship is often seen as the cause of cheating, so many men turn to polygamy.

Also, the appearance of problems in the couple and the lack of communication is a test for men and women who find it difficult to express their feelings. However, several studies over time have shown that less than 50% of men and women have been unfaithful to their partners, and that is why many women choose to become a sister wife, and so many men opt for polygamy. Even if it seems that married men are the ones who often cheat, this myth can be dismantled quite easily nowadays when an increasing number of couples prefer cohabitation.

The Main Reasons for Cheating:

  • The routine that has settled in the household and that makes them want something else;
  • estrangement from the wife after the birth of the children;
  • Loneliness in a relationship can be an answer to the question of why married men cheat;
  • The fact that they are getting older can make some married men try to prove to themselves that they are still desirable;
  • Of course, when men or women wonder what polygamy is, their age and years spent in marriage can influence the answers quite a bit, especially since sexual relations between partners tend to change.

Unfortunately, not only married men cheat; the same thing happens in cohabiting couples, even somewhere the partners are young. In polygamy cases, immaturity is something that you will not find too often. For a woman to become a sister's wife, it is not something that she decided in a minute something like this to happen. It means that she is a grown-up woman who knows what she wants and discusses it with her future husband and wife. For these types of women, monogamy is not a priority for them.

Most of the time, love turns into a spiritual one, so when it comes to that, some men wonder what polygamy is looking for as a solution to this problem. That is wrong. Polygamy is a way of living. It is not a solution so that men or women can cheat without having regrets. Men living in polygamy do not mean they have stopped loving their wives or life partners and marrying someone else just for boredom. It is something so much more than that. To live like this between all partners, it needs to be a high degree of communication and trust.

Publication: 06/07/2023 16:05

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